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Taro Thomas Bio

Taro Thomas is deeply committed to leading a purposeful life, nurturing authentic happiness, and fostering loving-kindness and compassion, both within himself and among others. As a Certified MLP Mindfulness Teacher, he embraces the opportunity to impart these transformative practices available through the MLP Foundations Course. These practices encompass cultivating genuine happiness, nurturing emotional well-being, embracing consistent meditation, aligning life with personal values, and adopting invaluable daily habits advocated by The Mindful Life Program.

Having spent years in the corporate realm, training individuals in software and hardware systems, Taro now serves as the General Manager of a golf course. He has recognized that the rewards of fostering genuine happiness and well-being far exceed the satisfaction of witnessing a flawless golf swing.

In 2003, Taro underwent a profound transformation, realizing the need to rediscover the values instilled during his upbringing. This awakening prompted a complete shift in his lifestyle. His gratitude for reintegrating these principles into his own life resonates deeply in his teaching approach. Re-embracing core values such as honesty, respect, humility, trustworthiness, and integrity, while cultivating newer virtues like compassion, discipline, attentiveness, balance, stillness, selflessness, and wisdom, has propelled him into this vibrant phase of his journey.

Throughout recent years, Taro has supported others in their recovery journeys or through life’s challenges, guiding them to infuse their daily lives with their individual values, much like he has accomplished in his own life. The sudden loss of his father in May 2005 steered Taro towards a new spiritual trajectory, seeking teachings that addressed suffering, relationships, and equilibrium. A pivotal encounter with John Bruna during a retreat in 2011 significantly shaped his subsequent path.

Today, equipped with insights gained from the Mindful Life Program and inspired by mentors like Laura, John, and Mark, Taro stands prepared and qualified to share his life experiences with you and to intertwine your life journey with his own. His profound learning and transformative journey have empowered him to guide others in embracing a mindful existence.

Taro Thomas Certified MLP Mindfulness Teacher

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Whether your goals are professional, personal, or spiritual, our coaches are dedicated to helping you succeed on your terms.


Embrace the present moment with mindfulness practices. Explore the path to a life filled with intention, awareness, and fulfillment.


Dive into the transformative power of meditation. Learn the art of cultivating a nurturing practice that fosters mental clarity and emotional well-being.


A life free from addiction is possible. Our compassionate approach to recovery helps individuals reclaim their lives and rediscover inner peace.


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Dive into the transformative power of meditation. Learn the art of cultivating a nurturing practice that fosters mental clarity and emotional well-being.

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